John Clark III

The Ideal :  Your Guide to An Ideal Life 
The Ideal is for the adventurous few who pursue and learn from the lessons that have made others successful, and are willing to invest their daily self in those instructions. For those adventurous few, you WILL have the ideal life.
Conversationally witty, The Ideal gives specific steps on how to understand the tremendous power of our existing self.

In a simple, self-questioning book, he asks readers to examine themselves, their strengths, and their priorities to solve their problems, transform their situations, accomplish their goals, and lead happy, fulfilling lives. Whether you are seeking additional money, better relationships, improved health, or any other tangible asset, The Ideal is literally a real-life guide to your next level of achievement... provides the knowledge and navigation tools so that you can say,

"I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul."

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Paperback:  220 pages
Publisher:    BFG Press LLC
Language:   English
ISBN-13:     978-0982030745
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